Professional Golf Course Photography

Dave Sansom
Senior Consulting Photographer

"Golf is the most visual of sports, played on some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. These remarkable fields of competition exist because of the collaborative efforts of owners with vision, designers who illuminate and expand upon that vision, dedicated superintendents and committed golf management teams. I have great respect for all these groups, and I work hard to honor their efforts by producing the best images I can for each golf course I photograph." 
Dave Sansom ~

Heritage is honored to have Dave Sansom on our team. Dave has photographed many of the finest golf courses in the United States and in China, his photography is regularly featured in books and magazines, and he is regarded as one of the top professionals in the highly specialized field of golf course photography. 

Golf course photography – once professionally completed – can lead to a large array of unique products for your members, retail and outings.  Plus, Dave’s image license grants you permanent, unlimited use of your images, so in addition to working with us for all your merchandising needs, your new photos will cover all your marketing communications bases.  From brochures to web sites to broadcast advertising and more, you can do virtually anything you wish with your images.

Dave offers three tiers of pricing. For clubs wanting only a few signature images, his entry level package provides 20 images of up to 6 holes for just $2400.  The mid-level package includes 30 images of up to 10 holes of your choosing, and the top-of-the-line, full photo shoot includes 65 images for only $5890.  In addition to his shooting fee, Dave’s travel expenses will be included in your invoice.  For more information, ask your Heritage representative to send you Dave’s brochure.

Dave will typically shoot and complete more than the guaranteed number of images, and you may select only the guaranteed number or add to your collection for a nominal charge.  All the images you select are then made a part of the Heritage image library and are available for all your Heritage products, from framed photographs to sublimated coffee mugs, coasters, wine stoppers, sublimated flags, curved glass, sublimated towels, framed images on aluminum, sublimated koozies with your signature hole and much more.

Please call our office at 770-888-7787 to arrange a meeting to schedule your photo shoot and discuss the comprehensive product line that's available once the photos are selected.