Dedicated to In-House Manufacturing

As our family business begins our 20th year, we are reminded as to how blessed we have been. Even though we have elected to remain closed to the general public – and have never initiated any formal advertising or marketing campaigns, we have been extremely fortunate to build long- term, trusting “Partnerships” with many wonderful organizations, corporations, clubs and individuals.

Our chosen path to growth has been a much slower process and it does takes time, but this reinforces how critical it is to continually remind ourselves as to what got us here and what we must do as a team every day we come to work. Quality Products, Creative Ideas, Dependable Service, Competitive Pricing and Keeping our Promises is what our customers expect and deserve.

While we are not always perfect, our 22 great employees provide these fundamentals every day that come to work. In 2021, we added 4,000 square feet of production space to our building, hired 4 new wonderful individuals to, invested in state-of-the-art woodworking equipment, purchased an additional UV printer and 4 additional 3D printers. Every order we receive is a blessing and we will continue to do our best to always exceed expectations.