• Award Plate

    These plates make brilliant trophies or awards. Usually they are engraved in the center and mounted on either a wooden stand or with a soldered wall mount (not included).
  • Colonial Cup

    The Colonial Cup trophy pulls its inspiration from the early days of the American colonies when ornate silver was commonplace. Each trophy is made by hand by our metal artisans. Each trophy created is a beautiful work of art that competitors will strive to earn!
  • The 800 series is one of our most popular trophy designs. It features a slender look with wingless rising arch handles.
  • The 700 Series comes in 4 different sizes from 8.25" H to 17.5"H. The pewter trophy cup comes with the lid as shown, and a cylindrical metal or square wood base can be added for extra height and prominence.
  • The 620 series features winged handles and has been a classic for decades. In the workshop, blank circles of metal are taken and formed over molds on the spinning machine. When designing custom pieces, the tools needed to shape and cut the metal exactly as required are also manufactured specifically for the project.
  • The 650 series is a popular, classic trophy design featuring a wide bowl and looping, winged handles. A base can be optionally added to this trophy.


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